Italy is a popular tourist destination among travelers of all nationalities. Its popularity is formed not only by the affordability and territorial availability of tours but also by a variety of leisure activities offered. Lovers of beach pastime can visit the coast of the Adriatic, Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Seas, amateurs of the mountains - the Dolomites resorts and those hungry for impressions and new knowledges can choose Italy Tours to visit Rome, Verona, Venice, Naples, Florence, not hesitating shopping in Milan and Rimini.

The classical tours to Italy

The classical sightseeing tours to Italy are both Rome, that absorbed the spirit of many epochs, and romantic Venice, repeatedly reflected in the waters of its canals, as well as luxurious Naples and exhilarating Milan, Florence, Genoa...

Competently composed guided tour which will include the cities that you would particularly like to visit and with attention not only to the small details but to the rich heritage (historical and cultural), will leave a lasting impression of the trip. In addition, such journeys are ideal for initial acquaintance with the country.

Sightseeing tour will help you decide where you would like to return again and again in order to see the details and store them in your memory for years to come. Italy Tours offers packages put together according to the individual preferences of the tourist - tours can be individual ones or in small groups. If you have no particular preferences then you can join a large tour group and discover noisy, touristic, vivid and unique Italy along the trails already trodden by many tourists.

Beaches + excursions

Beach rest in Italy includes three beautiful coasts of the Adriatic (Rimini, Riccione), Tyrrhenian (Naples, Rome, Bari) and Mediterranean (San Remo, Liguria) seas. The entire territory of the country (the peninsula and many islands) is not so much removed from the sea and represents more than 7 km of coastline with a lovely warm climate and wonderful sea beaches. Therefore, to combine beach holiday with cultural leisure will be easy with Italy Tours: here everyone can find a place corresponding to the idea of a perfect vacation.

If smooth tan and water sports are not the only purpose of your trip then you should pay attention to the specialization of the seaside resorts. For example, a family holiday with children is best to plan on Capri, Sardinia and other islands. They are not only exotic and comfortable but also relatively inexpensive.

Those who cannot imagine their holiday without a vibrant night life should pay attention to the resorts of Riccione and Rimini and fans of luxury and "trendy" places of rest should pay attention to the tours to Lake Garda. Romantic persons will be crazy about the idea to combine a sea vacation in Italy with a visit to Venice. The ideal choice for them will be the resort of Lido di Jesolo, especially because it is famous for affordable prices on the coast.

Shopping + excursions

Shopping in Italy is unthinkable without a visit to Milan. Although, truth be told, even any small town in Italy offers a selection of shops of all kinds of brands, as well as the most incredible sales, stocks and unsurpassed second-hands, that fashionistas from all over the world exchange cherished addresses. Of course, there are more expensive boutiques and branded shops in Milan, but multibrands, close to the heart of local people, including shops of emerging designers, sometimes offer an assortment of no worse and at more democratic prices. And don't forget about the "second fashion capital" of Italy - Rimini.

Treatment + excursions

Thermal resorts in Italy - there are about three hundred places with magnificent thermae known since the days of the Roman Empire, the thermal baths with tubs and special bathhouses to cure various diseases and give strength. Beneficial effect of water on human organism has been known since ancient times and the location of the Italian thermal spas among the most picturesque landscapes in the best way possible help to restore the psychological balance and inner peace. And with Italy Tours they become closer and even more affordable.

The most famous of them are located in Tuscany (eg, Montecatini thermae, Monsummano thermae, Chianciano thermae, Abano thermae or Kashan thermae). Equally famous and popular is the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, located near Naples and Capri. Near Rome there is a magnificent SPA-resort of Fiuggi, respectable and not cheap.

Don't forget about thermal rest and treatment on the lakes of Italy: Garda, located between the territories of Trentino, Lombardy and Veneto, as well as Como, Maggiore, near the border of Italy and Switzerland.

Vacationing in Italy is perfect, no matter how you do it. And in order to make your stay completely fit your tastes it is reasonable to acquire individual tours to Italy. Italy Tours offer an unforgettable intense entertainment program.