Classical, romantic, compelling, mysterious, unique - all these words describe Italy, one the most fascinating country of the world. Year after year this sunny country delights visitors with its hospitality, bright colors and a friendly atmosphere. Every city and every street of Italy show unique architectural buildings and surprise even the most sophisticated travelers.

Holidays in Italy are so varied that it is impossible to learn the entire country in one trip. After seeing Italy once, you will want to get here again and again to reveal all its secrets.

Sightseeing Italy tours 2016 are an ideal solution for those who want to touch the history of this once powerful empire, get acquainted with its culture and enjoy magnificent views.

In addition to a large number of monuments and ruins of the ancient Roman civilization, Italy enchants visitors with its unique natural heritage. As Italian coast is washed by four seas - the Mediterranean, the Ligurian, the Tyrrhenian and the Adriatic - you can find here many stunning beaches. White slopes of the Alps all year round attract lovers of winter sports. The north of Italy amazes tourists with its charming lakes.

Many tourists know Italy as the world capital of fashion and style. Shopping Italy tours 2016 will allow you to fill up your wardrobe with fashionable and high quality brand clothes, shoes and accessories that can be purchased at greatly reduced prices.

Combined Italy tours 2016 are also very popular. In addition to varied and rich excursions, combined tours offer a great vacation at the seaside, a fascinating shopping and interesting entertainment programs.

You will reveal secrets of eternal Rome, enchanting Venice, fashionable Milan, refined Florence, praised by Shakespeare Verona, delightful Amalfi Coast and many other interesting places. Italy tours will allow you to explore the culture, history and cuisine of each of these cities. A trip to Italy is a rare opportunity to be plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of historical sights, to enjoy the natural wealth and the mild climate. With no doubts, this amazing place will conquer your heart forever.

Our professional team is happy to provide assistance in the organization of group or individual tours in this amazing and fabulous country. We will do our best to make your trip to Italy as one of the most colourful, happy and joyful events of your life.