Upon arrival in Rimini we were met by the intelligent, communicative and responsible young guide from Italy Tours Agency and immediately went to the great San-Marino state, which attracts visitors with its castles and towers. San - Marino - is a Fairyland; it seemed that we found ourselves in the Middle Ages. There we had a wine tasting and bought a few bottles of delicious wine as a present for our parents and friends. We left San-Marino with a feeling of admiration, wonder and beauty. Then, romantic Venice, architectural Florence, graceful Rome and Vatican City were waiting for us! The program was so varied and included such number of excursions that every time we returned to the hotel tired but satisfied. We will never forget a wonderful trip to Ancient Pompeii and mysterious Naples. Italy is beautiful! We brought home a lot of impressions, positive emotions and nice photos. We would like to thank Italy Tours Agency and its team for a high quality service. Carry on this way and continue to admire people!

Tom, manager

Visiting Italy was my dream since childhood! Italy Tours agency realized my dream by providing a week-long tour to this magical and romantic country. First of all, I would like to note that the entire program of my tour was well-thought-out by the professionals of Italy Tours. It included a visit to Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Florence, Venice, Pisa, and San Marino. I fell in love with all cities! Each of them has its own charm and history. Dates and times of all daily activities, excursions, trips, accommodations were always specified precisely and carried out under the supervision of our guide Mauro! He coordinated the entire trip in details from start to finish and impressed our group by amusing stories about Italy, its traditions and people, its regions and cuisine. Italy Tours Agency made my trip enjoyable and memorable and presented me with the most warm and pleasant memories! Thank you, Guys! Italy will remain in my heart forever.

Lucy, student