When you are searching for a perfect country for tourism, in the list there necessarily should be "humane" climate, diversity of natural landscapes (both mountains, and sea, as well as lakes, plains, and rocks), rich cultural life and not less rich history, different good hotels, convenient transportation system...

The most capricious ones will add to this list luxury resorts, refined cuisine, qualitative wines and friendly local population. The list can be arbitrarily long but still several countries will correspond to it - three, maximum four. And on the first place among these ideal tourist countries for the majority of travelers still would be Italy.

As if it was specially created for tourists - in any case, any visitor cannot help feeling that he was long awaited here and everything was prepared for his visit, taking into account all the wishes, even the unspoken ones.

Not for nothing Italy is called country-museum; this is where three-quarters of Europe's cultural heritage is concentrated. But museums may be enclosed and monotonous, so Italy is also composed of many regions and cities with vibrant culture, colorful history and unique traditions. Each of them rightly considers it to be special and proud of it.

Tours to Italy will allow you to visit completely different regions of the country: ski resorts in the snowy Alps and Dolomites, galleries and wineries of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, luxury shops of Rome and Milan, racy and cozy hotels of Ischia and Sicily, resorts of Fiuggi and Abano Terme.

This country with the richest history won't leave any tourist indifferent. Bridges, palaces, monasteries, castles, villas - there is an uncountable set of historical monuments in every area of Italy, the only difference is that some of them have become world famous, some have not - but all are wonderful! This is easily verified by going to travel in any corner of Italy. Holiday in Italy is one of those pleasures, which you will want to repeat again and again.