8 Days in Sicily - Must-visit, must-see, must-love!

Sicily - fantastic ancient treasures, splendid Baroque and Renaissance architecture, wonderful weather, Roman mosaics, Baroque towns, glorious seaside villages, almond trees, breathtaking coastal scenery, azure waters, romantic sunsets, golden beaches, friendly people... It is a unique and beautiful Mediterranean island with fascinating history. There are many beautiful places in the world but there is nothing more beautiful than this amazing island. It's no surprising that tons of tourists choose to spend their vacations in Sicily! Our special Sicily tour will help you to discover the uniqueness, beauty and elegance of this wonderful place.

Day 1 You will arrive in Syracuse. Syracuse is an awesome Sicilian town with rich and glorious past. Many poets have been inspired by the beauty and charm of Syracuse. You will learn the history of Syracuse and see Baroque masterpieces - Syracuse Cathedral (Temple of Athena) and Church of Santa Lucia. These building are great examples of various cultures: Greek, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman styles.
Day 2 You will visit the island of Ortygia - the heart of Syracuse. You will see Aretusa Fountain and Piazza Archimede. After dinner you will visit Neapolis Archaeological Park. Archaeological ruins like the Roman amphitheater, Greek Theatre and Ear of Dionysius will impress everyone!
Noto and Ragusa Ibla
Day 3 Sicilian Baroque towns - Noto and Ragusa Ibla are waiting for you. You will see gorgeous buildings in Noto: the Cathedral and Palazzo Nicolaci. Noto is also famous for the best ice-cream in the world. Great news for ice-cream lovers - you will taste it! After ice-cream tasting, you will visit Ragusa Ibla to see to see Saint George's Cathedral. You will be amazed by fantastic beauty of Baroque architecture and Val di Noto towns.
Day 4 A trip to Sicily isn't complete without visiting Agrigento's Valle dei Templi. You will see the best well-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world - the amazing Temple of Hera, gorgeous Temple of Concordia and splendid temple of Zeus. After dinner your journey will continue and your will learn the secrets of wine-making process and wine history. Finally, you will have a great opportunity to taste famous Sicilian wines.
Day 5 Trapani is a fascinating old city in baroque style. Trapani is also known as the 'most Arabian province'. You will visit the Purgatory Church, famous Madonna di Trapani and the Pepoli Museum with awesome sculptures and paintings. After dinner, you will visit Mozia Island - the Phoenician towns. It's the most fantastic, fairy and awesome place in the world!
Day 6 You will visit unforgettable Erica and see Venus Castle, Church of San Martino and Mother, Church of Erice in gothic style. This lovely town will amaze you with its unique combination of mystical atmosphere and medieval lanes with shops and restaurants. You will visit Sicilian pastry shops and taste cream-filled cannoli, cookies with almonds and chocolate, pistachios, and citrus peels...
Day 7 You will visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world - the Cathedral of Monreale by the Norman King William II. You will be impressed by the impressive mixture of Arab, Byzantine and Norman styles, golden mosaics, hundreds of white columns. The Cathedral of Monreale is the finest example of Norman architecture.
Day 8 Everyone will fall in love with Palermo, the capital of Sicily. You will see the world famous Palermo's Duomo and Fontana Pretoria. After dinner you will visit the Botanic gardens. The trip to this great place is the best way to relax and enjoy the natural Sicilian beauty and allure.

We hope our Sicilian tour will exceed your expectations! We guarantee unforgettable memories, unique photographs and amazing Sicilian adventure!