Amalfi Coast Small Group Tour

It's almost impossible to find a person who doesn't like to travel. And it's hard to find an universal journey everyone would like. For instance, you are eager to visit some countries but your travel partners dream to see other corners of the Earth. In such cases we have wonderful small group tour options to Italy that would suit everybody's demands and tastes.

Why Italy? We strongly believe that this country has a secret place to share with each visitor and fairy emotions to fill you with. Let's start with getting acquainted with the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast
Day 1 Say 'Hello' to the Amalfi Coast that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. After greeting and taking a deep breath of healing coastal air, it is up to you - whether to have a nap in the hotel or to walk down the coastline.
Day 2 This day will be totally dedicated to must-see sights. Magnificent staircase will lead you from the central square to the Saint Andrew's Cathedral. Have you ever seen an open-air museum in Arabic style? If no then the Cloister of Paradise welcomes you. And the last sight you get acquainted with this day will be The Museum of Handmade Paper.
Day 3 It's a crime to come to Amalfi and not to visit its vivid beaches. Spiaggia Grande beach, Atrani beach, Duoglio beach, Marina Grande. Hope you didn't lose count of them. Sun, sand and sea is the big three Ss and we cannot imagine a great holiday without any one of them.
Day 4 Our guides will pick you up at your hotel and get you to the mountain village Bomerano. Here you will start walking along a panoramic footpath named Path of the Gods. You'll witness unbelievable pictures and end this path in Nocelle.
Day 5 This day is free from all activities. Be sure that all you would want to do is just to rest and relax.
Day 6 It's time to pack your bags, go sightseeing again and say 'Chao!' to amazing Amalfi Coast.

This tour will bring you a lot of fabulous emotions. There is a strong possibility that you'll spend your next holidays in Italy to explore its other fabulous parts