Discover Rome on our 7 days tour

All roads lead to Rome! Thousands and thousands of people visit Rome each year. Families with kids, couples and newlyweds and even aged people. Millions of people from all over the world are crazy about this great city. Elegant bridges, unique history, incredible cuisine, awesome ancient ruins, fabulous Renaissance architecture, unbelievable landscapes, world's oldest museums, great masterpieces, Baroque palaces and majestic Palazzos... Rome is waiting for you! If you want to admire highlights of this famous city then this Rome tour is the best option for you.

Ancient Rome
Day 1 Rome is the capital of Italy and has an awesome and rich history. You will explore the ancient Rome - Colosseum, Forum, Capitoline Hill and Pantheon. You will discover the Ancient Rome, city of gods and goddesses, its famous heroes and legends. Good news for history lovers! You will visit famous Capitoline Museums with Rome's sculptures, archaeological treasures, extraordinary frescoes and splendid works of art. You will feel and understand the glory and power of Ancient Rome!
Ancient and modern Rome
Day 2 You will visit National Roman Museum with 4 sites - Palazzo Massimo alle Terme, Palazzo Altemps, Terme di Diocleziano and Crypta Balbi. You will be impressed by their unique collection of ancient Roman art. After dinner you will enjoy a trip to the Modern Rome - you will visit the unique MAXXI Museum of 21st Century Art! You will be amazed by unique and contemporary approach on the ancient Rome.
Baths of Diocletian
Day 3 Ancient Rome is famous for great baths. Bathing has been an integral part of ancient Roman culture and society. Poor and wealth Romans enjoy this recreational activity regularly. You will see Baths of Diocletian - the Rome's largest thermal baths. Tons of tourists visit Rome to see these amazing ruins and great classical artifacts. After dinner you will enjoy shopping. It's the best time to relax. Numerous colorful shops and markets in Rome are waiting for you! Don't forget to visit Via Cola di Rienzo - a popular shopping destination with good quality clothes and at reasonable prices.
Vatican city
Day 4 Vatican City is also known as the Holy City. Millions of people visit this unique place - home of the Pope - for religious purposes. You will see The Basilica of Saint Peter, a great example of the Renascence architecture. Moreover, you will admire the classical beauty of Saint Peter's square. Then you will visit the Vatican museums with 1,400 rooms, the largest museum in the world. You will discover fantastic works of art, unique collections of Renaissance paintings and famous Raphael's Rooms on a guided tour.
Ostia Antica
Day 5 You will visit Ostia Antica, an ancient Roman town, a part of Roman History and enjoy walking along the ancient streets and magnificent archaeological ruins. Great Ostia's amphitheater, picturesque views, Mithraic temples, Forum of the Corporations, the oldest synagogue, ancient Roman houses, public baths and taverns, ancient theatres and excellent mosaics… You will feel the magic of this place and understand why these Roman ruins are called " Better than Pompeii". It's a memorable and fantastic journey!
Pilgrim's Rome
Day 6 You will see the churches of San Giovanni in Laterano, Santa Maria Maggiore and San Clemente. Rome is famous for its marvelous gardens and beautiful parks. After dinner you will visit Villa Borghese and Galleria Borghese with magnificent Renaissance and Baroque art masterpieces.
Day 7 Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist attractions worldwide. You will have a great opportunity to explore this amazing and spectacular place - the Pompeii's archaeological site, ruins of a destroyed Roman city by the Vesuvius eruption. The Amphitheater, Theater and Odeon, Villa of the Mysteries, oldest buildings with unusual frescoes and mosaics... Your Pompeii adventure will continue in the Naples Archaeological Museum with fantastic treasures of Pompeii. Discover the unique beauty of Pompeii erotic art, too.

Rome is a legendary and fascinating city for everyone! Visit Rome and you will never regret it! You will remember your Rome adventure forever!