Energizing Small Group Tour in Italy

You feel like your life is an endless ground-hog day. You have a lack of energy. There are no big plans to set and achieve. Nothing can cheer you up. You are about to look for a psychologist with good recommendations. But not to make this happen please take a moment to have a cup of tea in silence. Just imagine a fabulous place with gorgeous nature, cheerful people, bright sun, enormous sea and calming breeze. We bet you will feel harmony and delight at this moment. As a therapy we suggest our tried-and-true remedy called 'travelling'. And Italy is the country that will heal your soul and body. Itinerary goes like this: Portofino - Florence - Tuscany.

Montecatini Terme
Day 1 You'll arrive to Montecatini Terme - the most famous spa town. Our manager will tell you about the history of this resort on your way to the hotel. Staying there will revive your spirit.
Montecatini Alto
Day 2 Montecatini Alto is on your schedule for Day 2. Montecatini Alto is a hill town renowned for its historic funicular, the oldest one in Europe. Original red cars will bring you to the centre of the town.
Ligurian coast
Day 3 Enjoy the Ligurian coast and the town of Santa Margherita Ligure where you can find a statue of Christopher Columbus. Next place is Portofino, fishing village and a hotspot resort famous for its stunning harbor.
Day 4 You'll see Pisa and its Leaning Tower. You'll have a chance to take a picture of that tower and you pretending to 'hold it up'.
Montecatini Terme
Day 5 It is a free day which you can spend on soaking up the sunshine and nice atmosphere of Montecatini.
Ligurian coast
Day 6 We'll come back to the Ligurian coast with a very important mission - wine tasting in Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre means Five lands, five ancient villages with picturesque vineyards. Here Liguria's widely known wines are produced.
Day 7 It will be our last destination. The last but not the least. You will visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio and Accademia or the Uffizi.
Day 8 Unfortunately it will be the day to say good-bye and come back home.

We've done our best to design this tour for your total comfort and delight. No doubt, it will bring a taste of "dolce vita" back into your life.