One Week Escorted Tour of Italy

The Italian Peninsula has a nickname Lo Stivale meaning the Boot. It juts into the Mediterranean Sea. Such a landform definitely says that Italy is cut out for travelling and invites you to set your foot on its land. While getting to know a new country you try to soak yourself in its culture, traditions, gastronomy and, certainly, history. We would like to offer you to take the escorted tour to Italy, to its historical eras. So welcome to the time machine!

Day 1 Our tour manager will meet you at the airport and bring you to your hotel in Perugia, the capital of Umbria region. The hotel staff will offer you all the necessary facilities to have a rest after a long day on the road.
Day 2 Perugia is a small town. So be ready for a long walk to the Etruscan acropolis. It has been buried for two millennia and found underneath Perugia's cathedral in the 1980s. The Etruscans played first fiddle in Italy between the 7th and 5th centuries BC. Next place to visit is Palazzone Necropolis. There you will see numerous urns and tombs and will understand ancient burial rituals.
Northern Umbria
Day 3 This day will be spent on familiarizing with such cities as Torgiano (headquarters of Lungarotti, the wine producer), Montone (a serene hilltown), Deruta (ceramics) and Gubbio.
Day 4 This day will be dedicated to the Roman Empire. The Coliseum, Forum and Palatine Hill are the starting points. Then Ostia, Pompeii and Herculaneum will follow. The guides will be glad to tell you the most distinctive episodes of that historical period.
Florence and Milan
Day 5-6 Florence is the city that gave birth to the Italian Renaissance. In Florence you will face with the difficulty of choosing places to see. So many museums, churches, squares, works of art, shops! And in Milan you will visit the 4th largest cathedral in Europe - Duomo, the Museo della Triennale, a famous design museum and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.
Day 7 We'll head to the southern part of Italy to see the Palazzo Reale - the residence of the Spanish Bourbon rulers in the late 18th century. Now it is a museum and there is the huge national library in it.

The most unpleasant moment is to say goodbye to Italy! But we hope that during this 'historical' tour you will be overwhelmed with the majesty of Italy and you will have enough stories to tell your friends about it!