First-time in Italy Small Group Tour

From time to time we face with the difficulty of choosing presents for friends, parents or other relatives. Of course, possessing a useful thing can bring some positive emotions. But they cannot be compared with unique experience obtained while travelling the world. Do you remember a sense of excitement while packing bags, anticipation of new impressions, exploring new places or just relaxing on an exotic beach? A travel package is not just a tour to some place; it carries unforgettable memories that you can give to your close person. And if you choose Italy, you will never fail to impress any visitor in any season.

Please have a look at this small group tour to the main Italian cities handcrafted by our team.

Day 1 Checking in, relaxing, dining in your hotel and strolling around surroundings are simple activities for the first day.
Day 2 Verona will be a romantic starting point of your getaway. Here the well known tragedy of Romeo and Juliet took place. Our guide will show you Juliet's statue and her famous balcony. Then from the top of Lamberti Tower you will be able to overlook the entire city.
Day 3 To introduce Venice to you in all its glory we have a guided tour for you on board of a boat. As you glide down the Grand Canal, you'll soak up the unique atmosphere of this City of Water. The boat will stop in the right places for you to enjoy churches, squares, palaces and shops.
Day 4 Florence is the next city in our schedule. We will dedicate some time to visit the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) with houses built on it. You will also be able to treat yourself with artworks in the Galleria dell'Accademia and Uffizi Gallery.
Day 5 The shell shaped Piazza del Campo in Siena and gorgeous towers of San Gimignano are worthwhile of visiting and witnessing so this is where you will spend your time this day.
Day 6 In Rome our tour will be slightly ordinary. Here we won't step out of line and will show you what you expect to see. These are the Colosseum and Forum, Vatican City, basilicas and the Baroque fountains.
Day 7 In Tili Vini Winery, a historical Organic winery, you'll taste local food and wines this winery is famous for. You will also have some free time to explore this amazing town.

On your way home you'll definitely recall all these wonderful days spent in Italy and will even start to miss it. We are sure you'll visit this amazing country again and again. And we'll do our best to meet all your demands and make your holidays unforgettable if you'll choose us.