Peaceful Escorted Italy Tours

Probably you have already heard such saying that "All roads lead to Rome". We would say that all roads lead to Italy on the whole. This country has cultural conservation, breathtaking nature and delicious cuisine. It will take too long to list all its attractions. But be sure that the Italian Peninsula will hardly disappoint you. Your task is simple - to choose one of numerous escorted tours we offer, settle back and relax. Our tour manager will undertake all the rest.

Riva del Garda
Day 1 It is always nice to know that someone waits and meets you at the airport. A coach will be the first one who greets you on an Italian land and takes to your hotel in Riva del Garda. This town is situated on the shores of Lake Garda. At the moment you look at these gorgeous hills around the lake and breathe in the mountain air, you feel uplifted and re-energized. Have a stroll around and enjoy astounding nature.
Riva del Garda
Day 2 It's time to discover Riva a bit better. For this purpose we'll have an excursion to the fortress Rocca and inside the museum named 'Museo Civico'. The gates Porta San Marco at the Piazza Cavour are also on our must-see list.
Day 3 Surrounded by picturesque hills, Lake Garda is a mere solemn sight. Besides, all the villages and towns located on its shores are worth visiting and admiring. We couldn't help including the town of Salo in our itinerary, too. It was the seat of Mussolini's Last Republic from 1943 to 1945. We'll walk down the path known as the 'Colle San Bartolomeo' in the pine forest and attend the cathedral 'Santa Maria Annunziata'. In the old town full of small restaurants and shops you'll have an opportunity to have a meal and go for shopping.
Day 4 Discovery of healing properties of waters has launched the touristic era in Sirmione. Thermal baths Virgilio and Fonte Boiola are our compulsory stops. The next destination is the Roman ruins of the "Catullus Grottos". The Scaliger castle - Castello Scaligero - is a port and fortress in one. This makes it unique and, certainly, a must-see place in Sirmione.
Dolomite Mountains
Day 5 The splendid Dolomites belong to the UNESCO World Heritage. We'll arrange a walking tour to witness all their majesty, visit hamlets, small towns and villages on our way. A cable car is seasonally available. There is also a gorgeous ski resort Cortina d'Ampezzo which cannot be missed.
Day 6 A geographical map shows that the Lake Garda is located between Venice and Milan. We guess that after spending time in nature's lap you'll be eager to visit some cities. So no doubt that our next stop will be 'the Floating City' named Venice. Venice embraces all possible attractions.
Day 7 Another city we'll pay a visit to is Verona. We'll start our tour with the Arena and continue at Juliet's House, Piazza delle Erbe and Lamberti Tower. Verona is full of places of interest to visit and we'll try not to miss any of them.
Free day
Day 8 It's up to you how to spend this day. If fabulous nature has left impression on you then you can have a stroll along the shorelines. If you want to visit more cities then we suggest you to choose Milan. No matter what Italy has a lot to offer and you choice will be the right one.

Unfortunately everything comes to an end and you'll have to pack your bags and go home. The above tour is perfect for escaping the hullabaloo, getting new emotions and discovering Italy as a country always able to surprise you. We do our best for you to enjoy it and come back for more!