Best of Sicily in 10 Days Tour

Sicily is one of the most beautiful and fantastic places in the world. Thousands and thousands of people visit Sicily year after year. Incredible beauty and charm of this island has impressed millions people around the world. Naturally, Sicily is one of the most popular Europe's destinations. Oftentimes, people call Sicily the pearl of Southern Italy. Breathtaking landscapes, the finest wines, exotic Sicilian food, ancient Greek ruins, great weather, crystal-clear sea, dreamy villages... You will find many reasons to fall in love with Sicily. This ancient and beautiful island will impress everyone! If you are planning to discover the beauty of Sicily then this tour is the best choice for you!

Welcome to Sicily
Day 1 Your Sicilian adventure starts in Palermo - the capital of Sicily. You will have dinner and supper at local restaurants. Sicilian cuisine is a unique combination of Mediterranean flavors, shellfish and citrus, tuna and swordfish, hazelnuts and almonds, ricotta and wild herbs. Sicilian cuisine can satisfy any food preferences!
Day 2 You will see the Cathedral of Monreale, the 12 century monument of Norman Sicily. Unique combination of Norman-French, Byzantine and Arab styles, gold, gorgeous columns...You will be amazed by magnificence, greatness and splendor of this famous Arab-Norman cathedral.
Mountaintop Erice
Day 3 You will arrive in Erice - unique place. A medieval town on the mountain top! Narrow streets, churches and museums, spectacular views, restaurants and shops... You will learn the history of this charming town. You can photograph this unique gem to share the magic and beauty of Erice with your friends and relatives.
Day 4 You will visit Trapani, a fascinating ancient city in baroque style. Trapani is also known as the city of salts. You will see an elegant Cathedral of Trapani and the Senatorial Palace. Trapani is an ideal place for gourmets and shoppers. There are many fish restaurants and shopping facilities in Trapani; you will have awesome shopping experience.
Day 5 Millions of tourists visit Valley of the Temples every year. You will visit Valley of the Temples Archaeological Park and see a unique collection of artifacts, thousands of art works, collections of vases at Agrigento's Archaeological Museum. You will learn more about Sicilians and their way of life.
Day 6 Ragusa is a fascinating town with fine baroque architecture. You will see San Giovanni Cathedral and remarkable Baroque buildings - Palazzo Vescovile, Palazzo Zacco and Palazzo Bertini. Then, you will have a unique chance to see marvelous gardens of Giardini Iblei, the heaven for nature lovers.
Day 7 Ortygia is a small island with beautiful churches, historical monuments and small streets in Syracuse. This island is a popular place for tourists worldwide. You will have a boat trip to discover the beauty of the island of Ortygia. It's a fantastic and awesome experience!
Day 8 Everyone has heard about Syracuse. Syracuse is a city of hills, valleys and lakes. Syracuse is a city with rich and interesting history; you will learn many surprising facts and myths about this place. Great news! You can take advantage of Sicilian cooking lessons. Sicilian chefs will teach you how to cook fantastic Sicilian traditional dishes.
Day 9 You will visit Neapolis Archaeological Park, where you can admire ancient treasures - the Greek theater and the Roman amphitheater. You can take some spectacular photographs among Greek and Roman ruins. Hereafter, you will have an amazing trip to the Catacombs di San Giovanni. The catacombs are fascinating!
Day 10 You will travel to Catania. You will visit Museo dello Sbarco. After an informative and enjoyable excursion you will enjoy a tour of Catania's famous fish market.

This tour will surpass your expectations! Enjoy amazing Sicilian adventure with us!