The Honeymooners Special 9 Days Package

Italy is a heaven for lovers. It is the best place for your romantic honeymoon. South Italy is one of top European honeymoon destinations. Millions of couples visit this unique place each year. Magical atmosphere, picturesque places, famous masterpieces, elegant architecture, marvelous gardens, historical monuments, mysterious castles, fabulous food, rich history and unique culture will impress everyone! Discover the splendor and beauty of Southern Italy with our tour! The breathtaking beauty of Italy, its charm and elegance leave you a lasting impression!

Day 1 You romantic adventure starts in Rome, the capital of Italy. You will visit the Capitoline - the world's oldest museum. You will learn awesome facts about Rome, its glorious past and legendary heroes. After dinner you will see ancient Roman wonders - Capitoline Hill, Roman Forum, heart of ancient Rome - the Coliseum - the largest amphitheater in the Roman Empire and gorgeous Imperial Forum.
Day 2 You will visit Hadrian's Villa - a great archaeological site outside Rome. In general, tourists spend several hours exploring this extraordinary place and enjoying mystical atmosphere. After ruins of Hadrian's palace you will enjoy the Renaissance beauty of the Villa d'Este. Awesome lush gardens, grand building with frescoes, awesome fountains with fantastic views will impress everyone!
Day 3 Gargano Peninsula - the hidden gem for foreign tourists. Gargano Peninsula is a special place for millions of Italians, especially for gourmets and nature lovers. You will have breakfast in a local restaurant where you will enjoy taste exceptional wines and fresh seafood. Great news for your budget - affordable prices will pleasantly surprise you!
Day 4 Vieste is a little amazing Italian town with sandy beaches, crystal-clean waters and spectacular views. You will have a boat cruise along the Gargano Coast, admiring unusual coves, awesome grottos, impressive views and idyllic villages. Don't forget to photograph this unique place to share the beauty of the Adriatic Coast with your friends.
Day 5 Your journey will continue in Alberobello - unique and charming place with little streets and unusual houses. This wonderful place is famous for the trullos - white buildings with conical roofs. You will see trullo church, the Chiesa di Sant'Antonio and visit trulli shops and bars where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives. This fairy-tale world is unforgettable!
Day 6 You will visit Matera - one of the most beautiful places in the world. Matera is a city of caves so you will walk inside the old caves. You will be impressed by baroque churches in Matera - the Church of San Pietro Barisano, Church of Madonna delle Virtu and Matera's Romanesque Duomo. You will also explore the Sasso Barisano and Sasso Caveoso on foot. Narrow streets with flower pots, cave churches and restaurants, modern sculptures and breathtaking scenery... It's one of the most fascinating city in the world!
Day 7 You will visit a farm in the Campania region. You will have a unique chance to taste its delicious fresh buffalo mozzarella. After tasty lunch you will visit the ancient city of Poseidonia - Paestum. You will see impressive well-preserved Greek temples - the Temple of Ceres, Temple of Neptune and Temple of Hera.
Day 8 Your next destination is Sorento. Sorento is renowned for Renaissance palazzi and Romanesque churches. You will visit Piazza Tasso - the main square, Chiostro di San Francesco and Cattedrale di Sorrento. You will fall in love with this charming city at first sight!
Island of Capri
Day 9 Capri is a lovely resort island and favorite place of Roman emperors. You will enjoy stunning views and famous Capri's liqueur. After dinner you will feel the magic of famous Grotta Azzurra or the "Blue Grotto". This unique lagoon attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

South Italy is waiting for you! Enjoy the best honeymoon journey with us! You will have a fantastic, romantic and unforgettable experience if you choose this tour!