Unforgettable Sicilia Tour

Idyllic scenes, legendary castles, gorgeous mountains, olive groves, extraordinary medieval towns, fantastic architecture, citrus orchards, sunny beaches, delicious food... Sicily is a perfect place to travel to. It attracts millions of tourists every year. This unique island is a perfect place for everyone, regardless of age, lifestyle and preferences. Sicily is fantastic, unique and awesome! Everyone dreams to visit this island. This tour can help you to make your dreams a reality! Discover the natural beauty of Sicily with our tour!

Day 1 Palermo is famous for the best street food. It's advised to taste Arancini - rice balls filled with meat. You will have a supper and taste Sicily's famous desserts - Cannoli and almond cookies! Don't miss your chance to taste all Sicilian delicacies. It's a great idea!
Day 2 You will visit the Palazzo Reale in Palermo. The extraordinary mixture of Norman and Arab cultures, mosaics and unique ornaments of this building will impress any art lover. After dinner, you will see the Piazza del Duomo Cathedral, a symbol of Palermo and Taormina's Greek theater and Piazza IX Aprile with fantastic sea views.
Day 3 Sicily has a unique and fascinating history. You will have a journey into the past as you'll visit Segesta ruins - the ancient Greek temple and theatre. The Temple of Segesta is the world famous ancient treasure. Millions of people are crazy about these classical buildings and visit this place several times per year.
Day 4 Sicily has been always associated with famous mafia - Cosa Nostra. You will have a unique chance to visit Anti-Mafia Museum in Corleone and learn interesting facts about this Sicilian town. Corleone is also known as "the city of one hundred churches". You will visit Corleone Mother Church and Church of Santa Rosalia and see Sicilian paintings.
Day 5 You will visit Agrigento's Valle dei Templi, one of the most famous archeological sites. You'll see the best-preserved Greek temples in the world - the Temple of Concord, Temple of Juno and Temple of Olympian Zeus. This unique collection of Greek temples and artifacts at Agrigento, amazing ruins and olive trees, breathtaking landscapes will impress everyone!
Day 6 You will visit Modica - a beautiful baroque Sicilian town. Great news for chocolate lovers! Modica is a home of Sicilian chocolate; you will visit chocolate and confectionery shops. Moreover, you will have a great chance to learn chocolate history and chocolate-making traditions and secrets. Modica is a charming town with Baroque architecture. You will also see the Modica's magnificent building - the Church of San Giorgio, a great example of Sicilian Baroque style.
Day 7 Thousands and thousands of people fall in love with Syracuse. It's the most fantastic and awesome place in the world! Syracuse is a city of contrasts with ancient Greek ruins with natural beauty and baroque piazza with medieval streets. You will visit a historical theater with amazing architecture and design - Landmark Theatre. And after supper you will enjoy lively performance of Sicily's puppet theatre.
Day 8 You will visit Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe. Unique Sicilian beauty, magnificent atmosphere and breathtaking sea views are waiting for you! Certainly, you have heard about the finest Sicilian wines; you will enjoy wine tasting at a local winery, too. You can also buy wines as original gifts for your friends.
Day 9 Within centuries Taormina has been a favorite place of many famous people. Goete has admired this unique and charming town. Here you will have the opportunity to see Greek Amphitheater (Teatro Greco) - a symbol of Taormina.

Enjoy the best Sicilian vacations with us! Discover Sicilian secrets with our tour!