A week in paradise - Unique small group Italy tour

All year round you have been working hard and dreaming of holidays. Holidays in other country which will make you forget all your troubles and day-to-day routine. So, you have to do two simple things. First, get together your friends. Second, take a 7-day trip to Italy!

Day 1 The journey starts in Venice to make a great impression on you from the very beginning. Artworks, canals, gondolas, carnival, history! Altogether it is an amazing mix that should be witnessed.
Day 2 There is no person who doesn't know anything about the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican in Rome. But don't be afraid, you will not get bored listening to our guides. You'll get to know a lot of curious things from Rome's rich history and visit places that even natives don't know about.
Day 3 Perhaps, after seeing the capital of Italy you may think that nothing will impress you so much. Don't be misled, please. Florence will be glad to show you its great art galleries, famous bridges, cathedrals, squares. You will feel more inspiration and admiration.
Day 4 If at least one of your friends you travel with is female then you'll have no chance to skip Milan. Milan and fashion cannot be parted. At the same time Milan is also the main financial and commercial center.
Day 5 Naples is included for you to have a rest from lots of information and images we have included in your tour visit to the South of Italy. Thermal springs, sea air, sun and, of course, pizza is all you need to fall in love with Italy entirely and permanently.
Day 6 University of Bologna is the oldest university in the world. Great attraction, isn't it? Our guides will show you Two Towers (Due Torri), churches and buildings of great architecture.
Optional excursion
Day 7 Definitely, you cannot get enough of Italy. And you may spend this last day on sightseeing tour of the city of Italy you liked the most. Or you can just have free time and spend it whatever you like to say thank you and good bye to this magical country. Whatever you choose you will still have fun and a great day!

All in all, whatever destination in Italy you choose - it will be the right choice that will leave only positive and unforgettable emotions!